Sam Visaisouk博士
Sam Visaisouk博士科技应用商业化专家
Costas Tzoganakis博士
Costas Tzoganakis博士滑铁卢大学化学工程系教授
Mo Meysami
Mo MeysamiPh.D., Director, R&D
Mo has significant rubber business experience prior to obtaining his Ph.D. focusing on supercritical carbon dioxide devulcanization. He also was instrumental in optimizing the Tyromer devulcanization process and has a thorough knowledge of material performance as a function of process conditions.
Shuihan Zhu
Shuihan ZhuPh.D., Director, Process Engineering and Support
Shuihan has extensive polymer engineering expertise from reactive processing to machine control interface gained over a diverse educational and professional career, from China to Hong Kong, ETH Zurich, University of Michigan and Ontario, Canada. He was a key member of the team that successfully scaled up and optimized the Tyromer devulcanization process, and has a thorough working knowledge of the production equipment.
Prashant Mutyala
Prashant MutyalaPh.D., PMP, Manager, Product Development
Prashant recently completed his Ph.D. on the development and optimization of a family of new polymer materials derived from rubber devulcanized by supercritical CO2. His broad knowledge in product development and optimization will serve our partners and licensees well.
Ankita Saikia
Ankita SaikiaB. Sc., Research Intern
Ankita gained valuable industry experience working at Apollo Tyres after receiving her undergraduate degree in rubber technology. In September 2012, she began her graduate studies under the supervision of Prof. Tzoganakis on fundamental aspects of rubber chemistry and processing.