Our Company

Tyromer Inc. is a company established by the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, to commercialize a rubber devulcanization technology invented by Professor Costas Tzoganakis of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

The affiliation with the University of Waterloo has broadened our corporate mission and vision: Beyond providing value to our customers and partners, we will work with them with respect and honesty while delivering our best in service and support. We will offer our employees meaningful opportunities so they can thrive and provide for their families. Above all, we will be socially responsible and contribute to the greater sustainability of our community and the world. These are not empty words – everyone of us at Tyromer believes and shares these values.

With financial support from Ontario Tire Stewardship, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Michelin Development Company, University of Waterloo and a venture fund, our Company has successfully scaled up the invention from the lab to commercial production of its devulcanized rubber from scrap tire rubber crumb. Our patented devulcanization technology has also been successfully adapted to process EPDM waste.

Due to the global nature and the size of the scrap tire business, our Company has chosen a licensing business model and will license its technology, manufacturing system and processing know-how. We will also partner with synergistic entities to accelerate our growth.

With the inventor and his former students as key employees, our Company represents essentially all the available knowledge and know-how on supercritical carbon dioxide devulcanization. To best serve our licensees, we will focus on our core strength – technology, process and product development and improvement – to drive their success.

Our team, along with our equipment manufacturing partner, has the capability to support our licensees and partners globally.